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Millenials in Architecture with Darius Sollohub

The next generation will be critical to shaping the future of the profession and the future role of architects. The unique traits of the incoming generation, combined with an age of technology enabled decentralization can lead to new avenues for architects and will influence future of practice.  Breakthroughs in the areas of social impact, advocacy and community engagement will be available as future career paths of architects. Participants will be presented with an inspirational and thoughtful frame of how they can make a unique difference in the future of the profession. The panel will explore ideas on the decentralization of practice and present the opportunities for architects pulling from other professions that have embraced decentralization. Using examples from the technology startup world such as WeWork, Uber and AirBNB. He will speculate on the future of practice and how it can evolve.

Darius Sollohub has been conducting research on the millennial generation specifically architects including why and how this generation may be able to disrupt the architecture industry. His upcoming book Design and Disruption Millennials in Architecture outlines what makes the incoming generation ripe to change the conventions of the architectural industry.  He will summarize his findings and present what attributes this generation has including strengths and weaknesses.