Hosted by the AIAS Chapter at CCNY


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The REACH Quad Team would like to thank everyone who attended and supported the conference! 
We hope you enjoyed all that New York had to offer and want you to come back soon!



What Is

Every spring, chapters of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) in four regions - the Northeast, Midwest, West, and South - come together for four respective regional Quad conferences. We, the City College of New York chapter, are proud to have been selected to host the 2018 Northeast Quad Conference, where hundreds of architecture students from our surrounding states will get to explore the architectural gems of our beloved city. We present REACH QUAD - a weekend in NYC whose skyline is a physical manifestation of its constant reaching towards progress. We stand to show the aspiring architects of northeast America how our city constantly calls us to reach for our goals—for innovation, for sustainability, for equality, for artistry, and for the ever-broadening possibilities of design.


Conference Tracks

Conference visitors will split into five tracks—Downtown, Midtown, Harlem, Queens, and Brooklyn—where they will get to experience the urban architecture in relation to the respective area’s history, arts, technologies, and growth. Through the various tracks we hope to have the students engage in different activities that are unique to each location, emphasizing the overall diversity of the city.



Downtown Manhattan not only houses communities like SoHo and Tribeca, but in the downtown you can find the financial capital of the world. All of these communities within this portion of the island are distinct, focusing on either fashion, culinary arts, arts, as well as business. Within the different art forms, the architecture is reflected in each community and thus makes each district its own micro-community.



Midtown Manhattan is your bright-lights, skyscrapers, yellow-taxis picture of the city that never sleeps. In Midtown, you’ll find constant streams of people and the engaging architecture that accommodates them.



The neighborhood of Harlem is home to our school, the City College of New York, and is known for its culturally rich history. See architectural gems like the Apollo Theater, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, and our campus’s own Great Hall. Harlem is known for being a cultural hub as well as the location of the Harlem Renaissance, making it a neighborhood that puts a heavy emphasis on arts and culture.



Famous for being one of the most diverse places in the world, the borough of Queens offers small and large communities that are home to people from many different cultural backgrounds. Acting as the largest borough in size, queens is home to many residential communities as well as parks that are distributed throughout.



Home to iconic communities such as Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo, Brooklyn in today’s culture is referred to as trendy and at the pinnacle of fashion. One can find some of the most beautiful of buildings in the most unlikely of places.

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Hosted by the AIAS Chapter at CCNY in New York City

April 5–8, 2018